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Introduction to
"The Red Phantom"
by Eloise Keeler

Did the Zodiac know about this 1939 play?

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As explained in a separate report, the Zodiac may or may not have written a communication mailed from San Rafael, California on July 8, 1974.

There have been various theories about the reason the writer of this communication signed it as "the Red Phantom".

Now there is another possible clue which may be linked to the origin of reference to the Red Phantom.

The Red Phantom circa 1939

"The Red Phantom" is a play which was written in 1939.

Eloise Keller was the author of "The Red Phantom". 

Luke68, a member of the internet forum, discovered that this play had been published as a book in 1939.

The only known copy of this book is in the restricted collection of the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley.

In November, 2012, two other researchers, Sandy Betts and Zamantha, went to the Bancroft Library at the University of Berkeley, California which granted them permission to obtain copies of this play to be posted on this website only.

(Sandy Betts is a moderator at the internet forum and Zamantha is a moderator at the internet forum

To read "The Red Phantom" by Eloise Keeler,
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Speculation about "The Red Phantom" by Eloise Keeler

This play is a murder mystery which may have been of interest to a killer such as the Zodiac.

There are references to knives, ropes, guns, and torches in the play which may evoke the references to "by fire", "by gun", "by knife", and "by rope" which were included on the Halloween card sent by the Zodiac on October 27, 1970.

Red Hand
Red Hand

This play specifically mentions the "Red Hand" of the killer "clutching a knife".

In connection with the 1966 murder of Cheri Jo Bates which may have been committed by the Zodiac, there was a poem found on a desk in the library at Riverside City College which was signed "rh".


Could "rh" have been inspired as an abbreviation for "Red Hand"?

Eloise Keeler

Eloise Keeler Digital ID: th-25587. New York Public Library

Eloise Keeler was born in Berkeley, California on April 5, 1905, and died in San Rafael, California on September 24, 2000.

Her father was Charles Augustus Keeler, a writer and naturalist, and her mother was Louise Mapes Bunnell Keeler, an artist and photographer.;id=1;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwebspace%2Ewebring%2Ecom%2Fpeople%2Fkj%2Fjwheelr_2000%2Fcakeeler%2Ehtml

Eloise Keeler graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1926.

As explained in a separate report, it is possible that the Zodiac had a connection to Berkeley.

Eloise Keeler - Mill Valley, California

Eloise Keeler lived in Mill Valley for five decades, beginning in 1947.

The message sent from the Red Phantom was mailed from San Rafael on July 8, 1974.

San Rafael is near Mill Valley.

A possible victim of the Zodiac, Isobel Watson, was attacked at Tamalpais Valley on April 7, 1972.

Tamalpais Valley is near Mill Valley.

Eloise Keller was a prolific writer.  She wrote many plays, radio and television scripts, magazine and newspaper articles, etc..

Eloise Keeler was the writer of the Pet Column for the San Francisco Examiner for many years.

It is possible that she knew other contemporary columnists and reporters, such as Herb Caen, Count Marco, and Paul Avery who have been linked to the Zodiac.

Eloise Keeler was a member of the Sierra Club.

A communication which may have been sent by the Zodiac on March 21, 1971 included the words “Sierra Club” for an unknown reason.

Sierra Club

Leonarde Keeler

Leonarde Keeler administering polygraph test circa 1937
Leonarde Keeler administering polygraph test circa 1937

Leonarde Keeler was the brother of Eloise Keeler.

Leonarde Keeler, who was known as "Nard", was born in North Berkeley, California on October 30, 1903, and died in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin on September 20, 1949.,1858781&dq=leonarde-keeler&hl=en

When he was in high school, Leonarde Keeler began working for the Berkeley Police Department when the Chief of Police was August Vollmer.

From 1923 to 1929, Leonarde Keeler attended the University of California, Berkeley, the University of California, Los Angeles, and Stanford University.

In 1929, Leonarde Keeler worked for the Institute for Juvenile Research in Chicago, Illinois.

In 1930, Leonarde Keeler worked for the Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory headquartered at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.

In 1938, Leonarde Keeler established the Keeler Polygraph Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

Leonarde Keeler was a criminologist who is known as the co-inventor of the polygraph because he worked on the development of the lie detector with John Augustus Larson.

Leonarde Keeler was involved in many high-profile criminal cases throughout his career.

Leonarde Keeler used the polygraph to interrogate Francis Sweeney, one of the major suspects in the Cleveland torso murder case.  Francis Sweeney failed to pass the tests, but was never prosecuted for the murders because there was not enough evidence.

Leonarde Keeler appeared as the polygraph examiner in the 1948 movie "Call Northside 777" starring James Stewart.

"Call Northside 777" trailer (1948)

Eloise Keeler was the author of a biography about Leonarde Keeler, the 1983 book "The Lie Detector Man".

Could the Red Phantom and/or the Zodiac have any connection to Eloise Keeler or Leonarde Keeler?

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